"Hello! I'm Stephen Reed, an outdoor photographer based in North Kent, UK, concentrating on local Landscape, Woodland, Seaside, rivers and lakes, and Urban images." *

"A Photographer, you say?" 

"Yes, well, I say 'Photographer' in the sense that I capture images, in the form of photographs, with a camera. But I actually prefer to think of myself as a 'Documenter', of space, and things in space, mostly in natural light, at a particular point in time."


"Yes, of things, in space and light, at a particular point in time."

"You say 'Things'. What kind of things?"

"Man-made or natural, living or inanimate. Occasionally, I photograph people."

"So, you don't call yourself an 'Artist', or 'Creator' then?"

"They're titles for others to decide to use, or not. Of the two, I'm personally more inclined towards 'Creator'. This is in the sense that I compose my images, decide upon the time of year, month, day, hour to shoot, watch for the light I prefer, choose the focus point or points, depth of field, shutter speed etc.... I then edit my images to tell the story."

"Really! Well, that's interesting! Gosh, is that the time? Sorry but must rush!"

"Okay. Well, thanks for stopping by. Good to talk to you."

"Thanks. You too."

"Just in case you'd like to know more, you know, at some future time, I'll answer some more questions below."

"Okay, that'll be good. I may pop back later then!"

"Great! It'll be good to see you again. Bye for now!"


Why am I a Photographer?

I could tell you how much I love photography, how it's my passion, something I think about, study, practice most days and enjoy, for as long as my family can endure it...

But I suspect you've guessed all of that, if only based on me having this website.


So, more specifically, why am I an outdoor photographer?

I just prefer being outdoors. I like the idea, at least, of seeking fresh air. I love walking and enjoy exploring in all weathers. 

When in the countryside - landscapes or woodlands, I soak up the peace and quiet; the break from noise and crowds. When by the sea, rivers or lakes, I sit by the banks and absorb the sound of moving water, or the silence of still water. 

When in urban places, however, I positively seek out the noise, movement, and human stories. I also search for hard light and shadows in and around manmade structures. 

But whether its countryside, waterside or urban, and whether its spaces sculpted by nature or by us, I mostly love how the environment puts us and our woes in their place. And, though it sounds fanciful, if we look and listen hard enough, environments do share their stories. 


Favourite quotation from one of the Greats?

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

- Ansel Adams


Gear Used

All purchased by me, nothing gifted or sponsored.

- Panasonic and Sony cameras

- iPhone (for scouting and shot framing)

- Benro tripods

- Ray Masters filters

- K&F Concept (backpack) bag for landscape/Karrimor backpack for urban

- Adobe Lightroom (main editing software). Occasionally, I take images into Photoshop


*concentrating on local (South East England) locations but not exclusively