Photography in Sharp Perspective

April 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

You don’t need me to tell you these are difficult times. That our overwhelming duty at present is to do the very best we can to protect our families, the vulnerable in our communities and those brave souls who are working tirelessly front and centre to help keep the general population as safe as possible. 

‘Fair enough’ you might think, ‘but what has this got to do with photography? This is a photographer’s blog, right?’

Yes, it is. And on the face of it, there’s no connection. Except, that the world battling Covid-19 puts my passion for photography, and outdoor photography in particular, firmly in its place. It feels trivial to me to talk about photography when Coronavirus is threatening lives, our family’s health, jobs, education and general happiness.

Having said this, I was reminded by a family member that, while we must all do what is required of us to keep each other safe, we need to maintain our physical and mental well-being. This means, trying at least, to continue with what we enjoy in life, albeit in a safe and responsible way.

So, with this in mind, while I’m not going to be travelling around the South East of England in pursuit of new photographs, I will continue to do 3 things in relation to photography:


  • During my (currently permitted*) daily outdoor exercise periods, when I’ll walk or cycle in my local area (while strictly adhering to Social Distancing rules and only going reasonable distances in the best interests of my community), I’ll seek out photographs and post them on my social media channels. My aim will be to share positive images, yes, of (very) local woodlands and countryside, but also of people (from a safe distance) doing positive, uplifting activities under the circumstances. This will mean a shift in the general appearance of my social media feeds, more towards urban and ‘street’ type images



  • Regarding the photo-book I’ve been working on – a project to record my local town centre’s roads and buildings as they appear in 2020, my plan was to compile the photographs and write accompanying words for a first draft by the end of March. While I managed to finalise the images and have written some text, under the circumstances I wasn’t able to finish my writing. So, I’ll resume work on the book during April. 


Therefore, if and when your personal circumstances permit, please keep an eye out for new blog stories and thoughts, as well as new images on my Instagram @Stephen_R_Photo, Facebook @stephenrphoto, or Twitter @OutdoorReed feeds (also don’t forget Clickasnap). Also, if you have any queries, would like to know more about any of my photographs, or want to discuss photography in general, if only to take your mind off our current situation for a short while, please don’t hesitate to send me a Facebook message, or an Email.

Most important of all, please keep yourself, your family and the community around you safe. 

*This is very much subject to change as the situation in the U.K. unfolds, preventing all but the most essential, critical outdoor activity. 



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