Photo book about the local impact of Covid-19

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In a previous blog piece in June, I said that I’d confirm when my first book Dartford Town 2020 A Visual Record became available for sale. Strictly speaking, it can now be purchased directly from the printer1. But at the moment I’m not promoting its availability. Instead, I want to bring to your attention my second book which I also mentioned in that blog. This book is, right now, more relevant to the current times in which we live and may therefore be of more immediate interest.

The second book is called COVID-19 Living on my estate A Visual Record. You can preview the book here2. This is a brief synopsis:

It's early-April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has swept around the world, including onto my estateIt's a frightening time. People are anxious and stressed, fearful for their families and livelihoods. But like many worrying times, some good also emerges. COVID-19 Living on my estate is a collection of photographs and thoughts about this time on Fleet Estate, though they reflect what was probably happening on any estate, anywhere.

ALL profit from the sale of this book in 2020 will go to Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, which manages my local Darent Valley Hospital.


COVID-19 is not simply a personal account with no significance to people living elsewhere. In fact, I’d say the opposite is true. While all of the photographs are from my local area, similar scenes appeared across the country and indeed (as we’ve all witnessed on television and online) around the world. Also, while the words in the book come from talking to people living on my estate, they, like me, have family and friends living all over the UK and abroad. Their stories and experiences were, and still are, similar to ours. Consequently, this book shares a worldwide event, just in the form of a local snapshot.

The reason I compiled COVID-19 was because I couldn’t ignore a global pandemic that found its way onto a regular estate like mine. Surely, these events happened elsewhere; never where we live. Also, my feelings towards the virus were heightened by the fact that two members of my family were hospitalized by it, one having to be intubated. 

I appreciate that you might think this short blog is less a story or thoughts about photography and more about plugging a book. To an extent you’d be right. Except that, the book is a book of photographs. Okay, not artistic images but nevertheless photographs that help capture a historic event and, along with some words, share the mood of the time. In this sense, the blog is about photography and how it can contribute in some small way to our collective body of knowledge. Also, while I agree it is a plug of a sort, I will not earn anything from the sale of this book in 2020. All profits are going to my local NHS Trust and so I make no apology.

If you are a regular reader of my blog pieces, I really appreciate that and thank you very much. I especially thank you for your patience with this blog piece. Please rest assured, ‘normal’ non-promotional blogs will resume soon.

  2. Anyone reading this that lives on or close to Fleet Estate and who may be interested in purchasing the book, please first contact me directly at [email protected]


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