New blog format and a different approach to my photography

January 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I’ll get straight to the point: I’ve decided to change the presentation of my blogs. 


I feel they are often, though not always, too long. And in my attempt to write in a chatty way, they labour getting to a point. Furthermore, as we start 2021, with England now under a third national lockdown to help stop the spread of Covid-19 (and similar national restrictions applying around the world), even my most ardent reader has got higher priorities than finding time to battle through my verbiage. 


So, from now on, while still trying to remain chatty, I’m going to keep my blogs to less than 500 words and ideally shorter than this. I will also stick to one succinct point, tip, or story and get there quicker than has hitherto been the case.


As before, the blogs will be accompanied by at least one relevant photograph. My intention, however, is to include two or more in some cases, in order to let the images tell more of the story.


I hope this fresh approach proves of interest. 


I know I said one succinct point but…


Staying with the impact of the pandemic, lockdown 3 continues to prevent me from ‘unnecessary’ travelling. As an outdoor photographer wishing to stay within the spirit as well as the letter of the law, this means I remain unable to scout scenery and find the sort of photographs I love to share. (In my previous blog, 10 December 2020, I was hopeful, even optimistic that circumstances surrounding Covid-19 might improve and that travel would finally be allowed but alas not).


There’s no complaint from me: Covid-19 coronavirus (especially the new strain hitting us here in Kent) is dangerous. Restrictions on our ‘freedoms’ are necessary to help save lives and (in the case of the UK) protect our National Health Service (NHS) from being overrun. 


This will, though, affect the type of photographs I can share on my social media channels and website. I could decide not to post any pictures at all until life returns to something like normal. Or resort to posting archived images. I don’t, though, have any interest in either option, not least because I want to keep getting out and shooting, even if only as part of my permitted daily essential exercise walk. Okay, the environment around where I live (and can reasonably walk to) isn’t grand, epic scenery. There are no spectacular vistas nearby. But I can adapt my photography to the circumstances and share alternative compositions. In so doing, I will keep my photography and my mindset positive. And who knows, seeking out alternative images might even develop my craft to a higher standard.



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