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The Urban portfolio comprises city, town and street photographs.

Images may be of stand-alone structures and buildings, or of man-made environments and their relationship with people, transport, weather, light, or other influences.

Also, Kent is often referred to as the 'Garden of England'. But as more and more housing is built and so-called development takes place, landscape is coming under growing threat in South East England. This portfolio (and Landscape) will sometimes show how urban and rural life come face-to-face.
Suburban Silhouette at SunsetLife Passing By in a BlurChurch of St Mary, FawkhamHard Sun and Shadow on the side streets of FavershamHistoric Aylesford And The Old BridgeBlustery Skies, Unsettled TimesOast Houses (Hop Kilns), YaldingUnder the Sheppey CrossingCobbled Street City of CanterburyUpnor Castle on the MedwayBacklit Bandstand in Dartford's Central ParkDarnley Mausoleum

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Keywords:Architecture, Buildings, Cars, City, Cityscape, Highways, Houses, Housing, Infrastructure, Lanes, Lorries, Man-made, Motorways, People, Railway, Roads, Roads, Street, Town, Townscape, Tracks, Transport, Urban, Urban-Space, Urban-versus-Rural, Vehicles, Village